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communities... but the battle near yosemite is farm over.
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and we're learning it s bura bay area-owned camp. firefighters are keeping these flames from hitting the communities but the battle at yosemite is far from over. it is public sewage. it is fishy. >> a stinky problem in one bay area community. what has been causing a foul odor for years and why nothing has been done yet. team new zealand advances to america's cup finals. good evening. tonight, that wildfire near yosemite rages on while firefighters are slowing the advance of the northern area of the park. flames are jumping from treetop to treetop. 225 square miles burned and the fire is only 7% contained. and, now, we are learning it
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has burned a family camp owned by the city of berkeley. the extent of the damage is unclear at this point. the camp was evacuated last tuesday along with other camps in the area. it has been seven-days since the rim fire first broke out. today, a firefighter, who is on the fire lines, weighed in on the outlook. how long could it be before the entire fire is put out? >> i think 100%, dead out is going to be the wintertime. >> months. >> months. >> cbs reporter, brown, shows us how firefighters are scrambling to work with the fire. >> reporter: they focus on the west side. winds 20 miles per hour spreading the flames sunday afternoon. >> knowing exactly where it is going to go with the wind is unpredictable. the fire teams are waiting nearby to protect homes just in
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case this iratticly-moving fire takes a devastating turn. cal fire cleared brush, trying to stay one step ahead of the fire. >> the fire, stop the fire, give us a place to work. keep it out of the communities. >> their work on the ground helpful for crews in the air. >> they can see the line from up above. >> reporter: homeowners nearby are confident firefighters have everything under control. >> these firefighters are amazing. they will keep us protected. >> reporter: thousands of people are watching their efforts, keeping a close eye on the looming smoke. >> pretty impressive. it looks like they have a coordinated effort and it is going to be okay. >> reporter: firefighters are working around-the-clock. they are working to get the rim fire under control. >> the estimated cost of this
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fire, almost $13 million. back to you. >> the fire has forced the closure of two main roads into the nearby town and leaving businesses struggling as people can't get to them. >> take a look at it this. downtown reino is it enveloped. 100 miles away. people are complaining. and visibility and ambulances responding to emergency scenes. >> parts of san diego county are seeing plenty after the leftovers of a tropical storm dumped heavy rain. this driver tried to cross the highway and needed rescuing. and slowing traffic on interstate 8. the officers at one point calls for tow trucks to pull cars out of mud. the rain is expected to last into tomorrow. >> and, two shootings within 15
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minutes of each other in east oakland today. a couple of children were among the injured. the first shooting happened at 2:07 this afternoon 80th avenue someone tried to rob them. he is in stable condition. the second shooting happened at two:21 in the 1300 block of 104th avenue. crime scene tape, police markers and bloody clothes marked where that happened. the police say one woman, one man, two children, ages 8 and 12 suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. the suspect is on the run. and a double murder, rare, for one bay area city has the police looking for a killer. the police in union city say 911 calls started coming in at 1:00 it this morning near 11th and d-street. they found two young men. one dead, the other lying in
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the street. he later died at the hospital. >> this was the scene in san francisco at 2:15 this morning after the police found an abandoned party bus. blood and shell casings. these pictures were taken by a viewer. a woman was reportedly hit by a stray bullet. police were following a trail of blood, looking for victims an hour after the shooting. >> this happened at 9th and folsom streets in san francisco, south of market neighborhood. the investigation is ongoing. all right, you got 3 days to figure out how to get in and out of san francisco without using the bay bridge. the bridge is closing wednesday night for five days to finish work on the new eastern span before it opens to the public. transportation officials say other bay area bridges and roadways will get crowded. we are counting down the bridge will close at 8:00 wednesday night and reopen the morning of september 3rd. so, make sure you plan
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accordingly. we have a bay bridge survival guide at sources in the barack obama administration say the u.s. is prepairing for possible u.s. military action against syria. that is after suspected chemical weapon a tack killed hundreds of civilians including women and children. the united nations will investigate if poisonous gases were used. a warning it will be difficult to watch. >> reporter: they are saying there is little doubt they used chemical forces. the attack last wednesday killed more than 300 people including wednesday and children. after days of pressure and meetings with united nation's representatives, syrian's government agreed to let u.n. experts inspect the site of the attack. the information administrator
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says they never used chemical weapon. the united nation's team will begin a fact finding mission to determine if gases were used but the united states is concern today is too late. u.s. officials argue days of heavy bombing around the area likely destroyed evidence of a chemical attack. the defense secretary says that president barack obama is considering a u.s. riresponsibility. >> president barack obama has asked the defense department to prepare options for all contingencies. many lawmakers are cautious about military action. >> the number one chief objective should be to secure and destroy the weapon f. we have to do it militarily, then, last resort, so be it. >> i will do the cruise missile strikes. i think you can do that without boots on the ground. >> some in the international community including russia say the u.s. should not take action unless the u.n. team releases
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its findings. marle hall, cbs news, united nations. >> they oppose it in the civil war. the pole taken last week shows about 60% of americans say the u.s. should stay out of the conflict. only 9% sup port getting involved. president barack obama is considering a range of options. tomorrow, a soldier with bay area ties is awarded the military's highest honor. ty carter will get the medal of honor at a white house ceremony. he is getting the medal for his actions during a six hour battle in eastern afghanistan almost four years ago. he does not lake -- like to take praise but he will.
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taking the cup, moving on total ledge team ausfor the -- to challenge team usa for the cup. this will be new zealand's 5th time. and they are up against stiff competition. >> reporter: air show, fireworks, just part of the game for the sailing teams competing for the america's cup. today, new zealand came out of the fog to win. >> just all of our hopes and dreams. you need to go on and do that at the end. bring home the cup. >> reporter: the win caps a summer that saw or image team killed when the swedish boat capsized. followed by a debate. some teams say hindered the boats. it was tossed out by an international sailing injury. despite criticism of the america's cup as an overhyped billionaire's sport, they flock
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to watch and defend the races. >> absolutely. i can't think of a prettier venue and the fact they are still racing the 45s after this is over, i think the excitement is there and people are really enjoying it. i think it is doing a great deal for the sport. >> just 3 super high-tech 72 competed. >> the winner of the cup, team new zealand. >> new zealand's skipper was asked about taking them on. >> they are getting big all of the time. it is hard to see any weaknesses. >> reporter: it was nearly a year ago that the 72 footer collapsed during strong winds during a training run. nobody was hurt but it took months to complete the repairs. 3-1/2 months later, the rebuilt boat was back on the bay catching up on lost training
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time for the ultimate race for the america's cup against the winner of the cup who we now know to be the kiwis. give one last congratulations, ladies and gentlemen, team new zealand. >> all right. we will see if the celebrating continues. the showdown between them starts september 7th. a foul odor is making people sick. flying over the feel. how it this remote control aircraft could change how grape growers operate. turn out the lights in san jose. the lights go out, the day is done, we look ahead to your pinpoint forecast. as the news continues right here on kpix5 ,,,,
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take the stench coming from dried-up lagoon. k-p-i-x 5's brian webb talked to neighbors... who say they're tired of getting the run-ar. nats - things look nice and normal in spinnaker point something smells fishing around the area of san rafael. no, really. it stinks. >> it smells like sewage. >> rotten eggs. >> yes. fishy. >> when the rain stops falling these lagoons dry up, fast.
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the water will not even reach the lowest levels measured on this post. and it leaves behind a moist decaying chalky bottom that wreaks to high heaven. >> you can see people now beginning to wear masks as they have gone around it. that bad. >> apparently the pipes back here are the problem. the residents say they are broken back in there. letting in water from the bay. you can tell today, hardly a trickle. >> it gets warmer during the summer months. then they start to decay. so, they stink. >> reporter: going on two years now the city and corporate and property owners turned up their noses at fixing the pipe problem, each blaming the other. and residents are sick of it, literally. >> chest problems. over the last year. and, i have been on medication for six months. and, i just had my last scan two days ago. i am not happy with this kind of situation. >> when are you going to fix this, it is making us sick.
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>> until pipes are repaired and rain starts to fall. this beautiful community of san rafael will continue to stink. reporting from san rafael, brian webb, kpix5. >> the city has got ena permit to clean out and fill the pipe to allow a small amount of bay water into the lagoon. the beach in marin county reopened for swimmers today. the shark appeared in waist deep water. >> meeting california wine making in the skies over the napa valley. >> reporter: it is kind of small but this remote helicopter could have a big impact on the napa vineyards.
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>> it is new for california's agriculture. a cheaper, more precise place for vineyards. spraying onwater now. >> the chopper is so precise it and the pro tpesor says there are other advantages over the crop dusters too,. >> not a person on board. that gives you the ability to go n into smaller areas, fly slower, unmanned aircraft. so the precision is greater. >> you still need a pilot and they are specially trained. >> they need special permission from the faa every time it goes up. but, these have been around for
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a long time. japan these helicopters have been in use for more than two decades. they tell me that currently there are more than 2400 of them in use. the testing is scheduled to continue for at least another year. in the napa valley. back to you. all right, in for another wave of kids heading back into the class room. they will be hot and sweaty and -- >> yes. pretty much. [ laughter ] >> yes. pretty seasonal, actually. we do typically warm back up as soon as the kids go back to school. but a quiet weather pattern this week. the major concern we will have to deal with tonight and overnight hours true to the morning is a dense fog. good evening, everybody. let's head on outdoors, take egg look out towards the embarcadero. part of the america's cup. 64 in san jose.
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to the south. sanfrancisco, around the bay, also, in the 60s, uniform temperatures with the clouds building in around the area. the dense fog tonight, the marine layer deep. we will have -- it will be spot on. a couple degrees above normal in livermore and pretty close to normal in and throughout the area. tonight, 50s and 60s for overnight lows. dialing back. watch it on future cast. stocked in this hour with fog. going down 400 feet in the area. localized drizzle. look how far the marine layer goes inland. that is your morning commute. still in the fog, by the lunch hour. it looks like the coast is slow
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to clear as well. but, we do have one notable feature, this right there. area of low pressure, looking to the north. does not allow high pressure to build n. -- building in. it is beginning to dissipate as it moves in a northerly direction as well. going to the ridge of high pressure. it is going to nestle -- jump up to 77 and middle 80s in gilroy. west winds reaching out to today. 85 in blackhawk and in danville. north of the golden gate bridge through the 60s and 70s into the 80s. sanfrancisco, again, slow to cheer. 67 instead of today, 69
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degrees. 86 degrees and clear watch out for the fog tomorrow morning, otherwise gradual warming on tuesday and wednesday. only it stabilize again by thursday all of the way through sunday. this, again t is pretty seasonal here in the bay area. >> all right, thank you very much, a lot of people talking about the vma. one of the biggest nights in music. coming up, who took home the music video award. i'm dennis o'donell, after hosting the vikings tonight, jim harbaugh names his back up quarterback. >> consistently good. >> a bizarre incident at the irl races costs the leader his checkered flag. >> the consistency is horrible. >> the a's lead to the wild card is getting small. a red hot "gameday" coming up next ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,v video
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music awards tonight. "justin timberlake, mirrors (applause) timberlake won video of the year, and also got a lifeti the show at the mtv video awards tonight. performer boy band 'nsync. and "i knew you were trouble"
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boston. but rather than actual cliffs -- divers lauh themse

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